Sampling of projects as Architectural Designer


Project: Multiple

Roles: Architectural design, Research, Rendering

Duration: 2006 - 2013

University of Colorado Boulder, Student Rec Center


Before life in the tech industry, I was an architectural designer from 2006-2013. I attended The NewSchool of Architecture and Design in San Diego where I earned a Master of Architecture degree, specializing in technology and urban studies. I worked for Aquatic Design Group, designing several projects and leading the firm in 3-D technology and design. The list below are examples of my favorite projects.


  • University of Colorado Student Rec Center
  • Urban Aquarium, Thesis Project


  • Architectural Designer
  • Draftsman
  • 3-D Modeling
  • Graphic Designer


From Architecture to UX

You may be thinking to yourself, what does architecture have to do with web design and UX? I follow the belief that inspiration can come from anywhere, and that our past experience helps mold us and prepare us for the future. I learned a lot of valuable things while in the architecture industry, many of which carry over into web design and UX. In the end, my interest lies in creating good experiences for an end user and solving problems through design, regardless of the medium.


Ralphie the Buffalo

Student Recreation Center Pool - University of Colorado, Boulder

The Challenge

Provide a one of a kind experience for the students of CU Boulder while working with the confines of existing infrastructure and antiquated systems that were no longer code compliant.

The Process

  • Focus Group & Workshop with UCB Students
  • Design collaboration with Project Management Team & Design Team
  • Sketching
  • Drafting finalized sketch in 2-D CAD drawing

The Solution

As part of a LEED Platinum project, selecting the most efficient and energy friendly equipment was imperative to the success of the overall project. In addition to the complete rehabilitation of the two existing pools, a new outdoor pool was added that closely matches “Ralphie” the school mascot. This shape and idea came out of a student focus group and is a terrific example of how important interaction and input from students is to the success of any project.

completed and constructed recreation center

student input

Focus Group

The university decided to involve the students with the renovation of the rec center to determine the programmatic elements to consider. Their input helped determine which features to include in the design to maximize the use and overall success of the facility.

sketching out ideas

Design Collaboration

Considering the focus group input, my project manager and I developed the key features:

  • 2 lap lanes (25 meter)
  • water basketball/volleyball
  • hydrotherapy area
  • lounge ledge

sample construction documents

From Sketches to CAD

Converting conceptual ideas into functional, regulation and code compliant plans. Adjustments were made to allow for proper clearances and other regulatory specifications. In the end the pool was more of a representation of the mascot to accommodate effective and enjoyable use of the pool.

Thesis Project

The Urban Aquarium

North Embarcadero, San Diego, CA

The Problem

How can the San Diego Waterfront, specifically the North Embarcadero, be revived to activate a contextual connection as well as provide a broader link between downtown and the ocean?

Project Scope

For a period of 9 months I went through several steps to explore a solution for the problem statement above. Those steps in the process to my discovery included:

  1. Historical Research about San Diego
  2. Case Studies of other waterfront cities
  3. Cultural Analysis
  4. Typology Investigation
  5. Site Analysis
  6. Program Development
  7. Schematic Design and Exploration
  8. Systems Integration
  9. 3-D Modeling
  10. Drafting and Design Development
  11. Drawing Conclusions & Analysis
thesis book

Tony is a talented designer and is a pleasure to work with. He has a great grasp on practical concepts and realistic considerations on any project. Where Tony shines is in creating innovative and pleasing aesthetics to accompany his solid attention to detail.

by Justin Caron, Principal / Vice-President of Aquatic Design Group, Inc.


Project description

These are examples of projects that I worked on that demonstrates various steps in the design process. In the six years I worked at Aquatic Design group, I had the opportunity to work on various project types, size ranges and in different capacities and roles.

Aquatic Design Group is focused on swimming pool and water feature architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical design services within the following market segments: parks and recreation, high schools, higher education, hospitality, health care, and anything else that might call for an aquatics specialist. We specialize in all types of water including: competition, recreation, leisure, therapy, and ornamental and natural water features.

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