Kidz Showz

A safe, mom-approved, kid friendly mobile app

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Project: Kidz Showz Mobile App

Roles: UX/UI Design, Visual Design, Research

Duration: 4 weeks


The problem in this project was simple - there is little to no movie streaming apps for kids that have cartoons only. We sat down with stakeholders, investors, board members and partners to discuss the value and importance of a platform that is truly safe for kids. There are plenty of platforms that have "kid mode" or content blocking features to "safely" prevent kids from seeing inappropriate material. However, how well do those features work?

Together we decided to make a kids only platform that was safe, functional and appealing to kids ages 3-12 years old. In other words, G to PG content only.


  • User Research
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Visual Design


There are several video streaming apps out there. We looked into 4 of the most popular ones.


In analyzing this most popular apps, they all had very similar functions and features. There were two categories:
Apps that had a "kid section" - Hulu & Netflix
Standalone kids version of app -Disney & Youtube

The similar features of all include: kid friendly content and a search function. The difference lies in the standalone apps, where they offer advance features like learning or games. What Hulu and Netflix lacked in games they made up for in categories and channels.

To compete, we decided to incorporate all the features provided by both standalone kids apps and just kids sections. The thing that would set us apart from all the competition was the built in e-commerce and sharing capabilities.

netflix comparison


hulu comparison


youtube comparison

YouTube Kids

disney comparison

Disney Kids

User Interviews

Using lean UX methodology I decided to conduct a series of interviews with potential users who were at my disposal and fit the target audience. These people consisted of family members, friends, neighbors and acquaintances. However, I didn't just talk to everyone I knew, I had a scope and criteria to keep. Albeit simple, the following list was composed and then followed as I looked for viable interviewees. I talked to:

Parents who

  • Allowed children to use devices
  • Assumed parents were gatekeepers of devices

I am well aware of the tech savvy generation that uses devices more often and better than any other previous generation.

Parents with children under 12 years old

  • G to PG content only

Parents who had smart phone or tablet

  • At least one device for kids to use
  • Regular use among children

Through quick, informal interviewing I was able to come up with a range of data to draw from and later create user personas with.

dad persona


Age: 41
Education: D.D.S.
Occupation: Orthodontist
Household Income: $140,000
City: Austin, TX
Kids: 4

miq persona


Age: 33
Education: Bachelors
Occupation: Fitness Instructor
Household Income: $120,000
City: Valencia, CA
Kids: 2.5

dad persona 2


Age: 35
Education: MBA
Occupation: Financial Analyst
Household Income: $160,000
City: Austin, TX
Kids: 3

jessica persona


Age: 37
Education: Bachelors
Occupation: Blogger
Household Income: $90,000
City: San Diego, CA
Kids: 4


Mapping Exercise

I created an application map to help determine how the flow would work on a very basic level. I took the priorities that were discovered in the interviewing process and incorporated them into the design. One thing to note is the content driven purchasing. The ability to buy merchandise is a constant and always accessible, either by the channel you are on or through the Cinsay Video Player.

original mapping exercise with post its

cleaned up map to show connections

mockup of safe purchase feature


Based on goals and needs from potential users, the following features were considered for implementing into the design of the app.


The app will know what shows you spend most of your time watching. Quickly access favorite or frequently viewed content without having to search for it.


With children spending so much time in front of screens, it is comforting for parents to know that there will be learning options available.

Safe Purchasing

Safe guarded purchasing options that require a password or fingerprint scan before buying merchandise.

Content Driven Merchandise

With Cinsay technology built in, users can purchase items from their favorite content easily and seamlessly without interrupting their viewing experience. This is a concept from my team, not necessarily from users, but they loved the idea when it was presented to them.


App sketches

As a team, we discussed the various stages of the app and created quick paper prototypes that roughly illustrated roughly the features and functionality. I created these rough sketches as we collaborated to work out flow and function.

lo-fi wireframe of the sign in flow

prototype flow with visual design

Mock Ups

My Roles

Visual Design

As visual designer, I came up with the style guide including colors, typography, icons, buttons, and forms.

UX Design

Through testing and researching the user flow, progression of tasks, visual design and color cues, I was able to refine the user experience.


I used InVision app, Flinto, and Keynote to provide users with an interactive prototype to explore the app in mobile and tablet versions.

Usability Tests

Friends, co-workers, family members and children were all tested via several interactive prototypes to provide feedback to develop the design.


Project description

SureTone partnered with Cinsay to develop a kid-friendly, cartoon streaming app that had built in shopping and sharing via the Cinsay Video Player. SureTone has partnerships and access to several studios, which in turn provided the content for streaming via the app. This project is specifically for kids 12 years old and younger. The focus was on bringing kids quality content and contextual merchandise to allow shopping without interrupting the streaming or viewing experience.

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