Rick Fairless' Strokers Dallas

Strokers Dallas

Rick Fairless Strokers Dallas presented a unique opportunity and challenge. Well known among the motorcycle industry, Rick Fairless reached out to Cinsay to help boost his online presence. At one point Strokers Dallas had its own reality show on TruTV, due to its crazy cast of employees, and a motorcycle empire. The grounds at Strokers Dallas are infamous for huge parties, rallies, concerts, contests and also several events that benefited local charities. Needless to say, on any give day, a lot can happen there.

My Role

I worked on the project as lead designer, providing visual assets and graphics, wireframes, mockups and also research. I conducted research including A/B testing and monitored task-oriented usability testing.


The creative team and I collaborated with Rick and his staff to create a destination online, where members and enthusiasts could take a look into the wacky world of Fairless.The goal of the site was to allow for as much access and excitement to members, as if they were there in person. With Cinsay's technology, live stream feeds were placed in various places of the compound, allowing for a peek of the action. We built a membership system which provided members access to outside stage areas for concerts and events, the bar, and even a look into the mechanic shop to see the master mechanics at work. One of Rick's goals was to distance himself from the strip club vibe and become more family-friendly.


Challenges that came along with this project included creating a site that allowed for all the many facets of Strokers.
  • Keep in mind the retail aspect - not only for motorcycles, but all kinds of parts, swag, soft goods, etc.
  • The Ice House bar/restaurant - which we wanted to highlight weekly food and drink specials, along with nightly events and guests.
  • Online video presence. Rick hosts a podcast each week, and there are exciting events happening each week for fans to participate in. The cameras allow for live streaming, and also there was a need to have a space on the site for past event videos.


  • The retail challenge was addressed 2 ways- first, Cinsay technology has built in e-commerce in a video player. As customers view videos or live streams, featured products are available for purchase. There was also an online e-commerce store that was built for those not watching or streaming videos.
  • The bar challenge was met by creating a page dedicated to the bar, its specials and events. A calendar page was also created that showed scheduled events along with the daily bar specials.
  • Rick's online video presence was boosted by weekly podcasts, streamed live and promoted through social media and email blasts. The site has a video section that contains all types of videos for users to view- from events, contests, special rides, inside looks and interviews with staff and special guests, bikes and more.
  • Gearing the site to be more family-friendly was a challenge, because so much of the business has very adult themed entertainment and activities. On the site however, there is the ability to control how much of that content is pushed or highlighted. I created the site in a way the centers the focus on Rick, his bikes, his weekly podcast, and make the girls a secondary objective.

Skills Used

website design. wireframing. UX. usability testing. A/B testing. graphic design. Visit Strokers Dallas to see for yourself.