Geiser Barbering

Nick Geiser - Master Barber

Nick was my barber for quite a long time when he presented me with the opportunity to grow his business. He worked out a local shop in downtown Austin, but had decided to branch off on his own. A master of his craft, its only natural to expect greatness from his business and not just his shears. I helped Nick launch Geiser Barbering which allows him to work indepently in the heart of Austin.

Requirements for Nick and his new solo venture included a website, and business cards. His site had to reflect a classic style of the trade itself, with a straightforward approach to getting in the chair. An online presence on yelp, social media and email marketing would help further his success and allow for more clients in his classic Reliance chair. I trained him on the art of instagram and facebook to extend his reach. I included an online booking service that he can easily manage and adjust his hours based on his availablity. His services are cleanly displayed and are no nonsense, just like him. Today Nick operates his own business, his way, and loves every second of it.


  • Maintain or Increase appointments
  • Increase web and social media presence
  • Abililty to book online, especially via mobile

Some Statistics

  • 30% increase in site visits since launch
  • 20% increase in page views since launch
  • 40% increase of weekly scheduled appointments (from 25 to 35 average/week)
  • 87% of clients scheduled online
  • 48% of user visits come from mobile

website design & development. graphic design. logo creation. business cards. Visit Gieser Barbering and get one othe best haircuts in ATX.