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Cinsay Corporate Site

The Cinsay corporate website has evolved over the nearly 4 years since I have been with them. In the latest version of the site, I played the role as the lead designer. As a member of the creative team, I participated in several user experience testing, A/B testing, storyboarding, user flows, wireframing, and prototyping.

My Role

I worked closely with the CEO to evolve the site, combining corporate language and goals with design practices and esthetic. Together, along with the creative team, we came up with the UX that best suits the companies goals for the site. My specific role was the visual designer, being responsible for all the visual/graphic elements of the site, which include icons, diagrams, and visual accents.


The Cinsay platform is a wonderful tool, but there are a lot of moving parts. The way it works is simple, but how it works and what it does is complicated. It is a video platform, with the ability to sell, generate leads, buy, link out, and share among social media outlets. Showing all of these capabilities was the challenge. It can be applied to any market, from small business to corporate giants, and everyone in between. The challenge for this corporate site was to convey those possibilities.


Some of the solutions that we came up with were simply showing what the Cinsay platform can do. With case study videos, examples and success stories, one gets a grasp of the potential that the platfom has.

Skills Used

visual design. wireframing. usability testing. A/B testing. Visit Cinsay to see for yourself.